band jam
Tainted Vision has played shows with "Web Of Addiction", "Wax Palace", "Violent Reign", "Spank", "Gem", and "Lemons Only".

Set list includes bands like: Heart, Evanescence, JoyDrop, Michelle Branch, Foo Fighters, Pat Benetar, Seether, Blondie, Gretchen Wilson, Garbage, Alynnis, Godsmack, Jet, Maroon 5, Veruca Salt, Cranberries, Republica, and many more.

gig dates
Downtown Caf 3/25/2006,

Jc Hooks 3/31/2006,

South City Bar & Grill 4/14/2006,

Riders 4/28/2006

Club Blu 5/6/2006,

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