set list
1. Sweet Child Of Mine (s.crow)
2. Whats going on (4 non blondes)
3. Zombie (cranberries)
4. Bitch (m.brooks)
5. Heartbreaker (p.benetar)
6. Gonne Be My Girl (jet)
7. Harder to Breath (maroon5)
8. Seether (veruca salt)
9. Ready to go (republica)
10.Everlong (foofighters)
11.Redneck Woman (g.wilson)
12.Bring Me to Life (evanescence)
13.Since you been gone (k.clarkson)
14.All I Really Want (alynnis)
15.Nobodys Home (a.lavine)
16.Spider Web (no doubt)
17.Baracude (heart)
18.Take it off (donnas)
19.awake (godsmack)
20.and much much more
Your involvement in our shows will most likely influence what we play next. So lets see you there and having a good time
about us
1. MaryLynn, has been singing for over 15 years.  She was a Former Miss Wolcott (1987 - ouch) and was a member of the Miss CT USO Troupe performing for the military.  They auditioned for the Dept of Defense entertainment division and performed overseas with 5 other women (Liberty Misses) in Europe, and the Middle East.  Since then she sang in several local bands and keeps a full time job at Swiss Army Brands.

2. Tom, joins Tainted Vision and has an immediate impact. His story next

3. Mark, still waiting for HisStory

4. Steve, enjoys bull fights on acid, and skinny skiing. 2005 Privacy Policy Terms Of Use